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for Video and photography

hire the studio for your next promotion or even for your family or business portraits

Our new studio is open at Noosa on the sunshine coast and is available for fashion and portrait shoots, it can be hired on a daily basis with and without photographer, lighting and a choice of backdrops, it also doubles up as a Video special fx studio and is fully equipped with soundproof walls and roof . this is an update on our older studio that we outgrew,
the studio also has the options of professional teleprompter and wifi with multicamera switcher and bonded network for streaming.

High key video shoot

this video shoot in our old small studio had 2 girls and 2 boys who were fitness professionals creating a promotional video for there business at Noosa on the sunshine coast.

this was part of a low budget video production shot at our old small studio for a fitness company

Low Key backdrop set up

Low key works well with fitness and sports as does our high key studio set ups

Young Rohan a local Noosa Rugby player modelling in the old small studio with low key backdrop

low key backdrop set ups

Green screen studio shoot

Tennis shoot for the ATP

Our studio is 10 metres wide and 8 metres long for great angles and has soundproof doors that open 5 metres wide and 2.4 metres high for vehicle shoots and the studio can be used with a crane

we set this studio up for a tennis shoot with Roger, Rafael and Novak
On slate is our girl Ella who is also a commonwealth games Gold medalist


our girl Ella in the studio with Rafael Nadal


our girl Ella and a video shoot with Novak Djokavic


this is a screengrab from a video shoot with Roger federa a couple of years back

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